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Advance Review - Kllo: 'Maybe We Could'

(Photo Credit - Edward Goldner)

Advance Review - Kllo: Maybe We Could (July 17, 2020)

As some of you may know, music serves many purposes for me. It plays and has played in the background of most jobs I’ve had. It keeps me dancing, running and on occasion, riding my bike (Sorry. I’m a bad example sometimes), by providing a source of aural energy. While I am writing, music is my rhythm, metronome, and subconscious creative stimulus. It fills my atmosphere like air. Without it, my sensitive essence is weakened and more vulnerable to other people’s moods and energies. (Yes, I’m dramatic.) I owe a lot to music, especially that which can cover multiple purposes. The reason I am writing this is because Kllo’s Maybe We Could fits the profile of multitasking music.

As soon as Michael sent me the Promojukebox link to the upcoming Kllo album, I downloaded it, so Camélia and I could listen to it on a drive to Columbus. We enjoy the opportunity to listen to and talk about new music before it is released, and while our flavors vary, each of us respects the other’s opinions. So, when “Cursed” started, I knew the album catered more to my taste than Camélia’s. However, without a prompt, she said, “I like this. It reminds me of that Poliça album you liked a lot.”

I can’t remember, but I think When We Stay Alive may have been my favorite album in January.

Because we were drinking espresso and in the car, our conversations went many different directions. However, when the song “My Gemini” came on, we began to pay attention.

I said, “For some reason, this reminds me of Drake.”

Drake is (was-ish, although I won’t go into that right now) one of Camélia’s favorite artist, so she explored why I thought that. While she was talking, I looked up the title and laughed.


“It’s called ‘My Gemini,’” which was funny because Camélia is, of course, a Gemini.

“No wonder I like it,” she said.

From that point, I have listened to this album while riding in the car, writing, chilling on the back patio, and riding my bike (Again. I apologize). While the lyrics branch out and discuss hard and heavy moments in relationships, the music is light and easy to digest. It is not offensive and leans more to a pop crowd, and while that may not attract some people, I like music that can cross many lines and flavors. A remix from a well-known DJ could catapult Kllo to another level. The music, the feel, and the multipurpose ability are all there.

Final Thought: Early on, I wondered if this album was too soft, light, and airy for a bigger audience. However, the more I listened to it, the more I appreciated its accessibility. As I stated in the main body of this review, it can cross many musical borders.

Favorite Songs: “Cursed” because of how it opens the album, “My Gemini,” and “A Mirror.”

Rating - 4/5

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