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Advance Review - J. Laser 'J. Laser' EP

Advance Review - J. Laser J. Laser EP (June 26, 2020)

J. Laser’s new EP is one to remember. The goosebump-inducing record comes from the M83 genius crew’s Jordan Lawlor (so you already know it’s good). He has been with the band for the past 8 years, but now he is releasing his own brainchild, an experimental psych-pop masterpiece.

The first track on this project was formed with a “small truck-sized modular synthesizer” to create this beautiful, monstrously overwhelming, magically-auraed sound. It makes you feel like you're entering the tunnel to Lawlor’s psychedelic wonderland. Buckle up, I have a feeling this is gonna be good.

The eerily-cheery melody of the second track, ‘Sunshine’, was an almost-satire tune Lawlor would hum to himself during trying times when the world was seemingly crumbling around him. The psychedelic pop side of J. Laser’s imagination is magnificently presented here.

On to the third track of the EP, titled ‘Orpheus’, a song inspired by the Greek god who failed to save his wife from the underworld. As you can probably tell, this track features the warped and distorted sounds that ran parallel to Lawlor’s discovery of the twisted Greek myth. The foundation of the song was formed by sampling a harp melody off of a random 45 record to the point where it was unrecognizable. This one is dark but intriguing all the same. Be sure to check out the psychedelic visual masterpiece that Lawlor created to compliment the tune.

‘Blood Moon’ is the fourth track on the record. Another one with coiling synths intertwined between distorted percussion patterns and more celestial, unearthly synths, full of texture. This one’s got a distinctive rhythm that kinda makes you wanna dance. Experimental for sure, but certainly a success.

‘Saturn’s Return’ ends off the EP with a somber emotion. With this record being such an experience and a rollercoaster of sound and color, this track really seems to package it all up and send you off (maybe with a tear or two). I love this EP because it made me feel like I was sitting in Jordan Lawlor’s brain the entire time. It’s truly special when a song or two can make you feel like you really understand someone. Jordan Lawlor, this EP is amazing. You are amazing. Please make more.

Rating: 5/5

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