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Advance Review - IAN SWEET: 'Show Me How You Disappear'

(Photo Credit - Lucy Sandler)

Advance Review - IAN SWEET: Show Me How You Disappear (March 5, 2021) via Polyvinyl Record Co.

Jilian Medford (IAN SWEET) is back with her third full-length release Show Me How You Disappear which drops everywhere this Friday. For those who have read me in this space long enough, you know that mental health is something I struggle with everyday. It's also a huge inspiration for my love of making and listening to music. With Show Me How You Disappear, Medford has very much captured the essence of her anxieties and translated that into an album. While writing the album, Medford dealt with a mental health crisis, sought treatment, and began healing wounds that had long been inflicted. Medford dove into self-reflection and stepped away from the writing process, but when she emerged on the other side of her treatment plan, the music that would be Show Me How You Disappear came quickly.

This self-reflection and growth process is evident on Medford's this album. What is also apparent is the metaphorical space that Medford is said to have put between herself and the writing of the music, this is something she learned through her treatment. What is obvious is that while these songs do reflect the process of falling apart and coming back together, you can see that Medford is in a better place.

Musically, Show Me How You Disappear is so diverse. It's foundation lies in alt, but it can be atmospheric, poppy, and downright endearing. Medford's vocals float with some effects applied, but it's not overdone. This reaches it's high point for me on "Sing Till I Cry", an effects driven, alt-pop banger that you've got to hear. Show Me How You Disappear is IAN SWEET continuing to grow as a songwriter and musician, and I'm here for it. This is one I highly recommend.

Rating - 4.5/5

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