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Advance Review - Hinds: 'The Prettiest Curse'

(Photo Credit - Andrea Savall)

Advance Review - Hinds: The Prettiest Curse (June 5, 2020)

The Madrid-based all girl Indie Rock/Pop group Hinds has returned with their third studio album. This album, The Prettiest Curse, is the first to include any Spanish lyrics. The use of both Spanish and English adds to the feeling of bold uncertainty conveyed by many one the songs on this ten track LP. While listening I kept thinking to myself “these songs are for someone who doesn’t know what they want or what’s next but they’re taking control.”

Track four, “Boy” is clearly a love song about the beginning stages of falling for someone but the theme of uncertainty is still there. The song causes you have your own flutterings of butterflies as you remember what it’s like to not know if the person you like is on the same level as you, but to hope with your entire soul that they are.

Possibly my favorite track on the album is “Burn.” It speaks to my desire to eliminate all emotions from my life from time to time. It makes me feel like I can cut ties with the negative aspects and toxic emotions that are holding me back from growing. Another song that seems to teach me how to grow is “The Play.” This song has lyrics that seem to come straight from the inner child, whom I think we’d all do better to listen to more often.

Overall, this noisy, poppy album inspires hope and a belief in oneself. The musicality of each group member comes together to create an empowering experience that you can dance to around your bedroom.

Rating - 4/5

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