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Album Spotlight - Flat Worms: 'Antarctica'

(Photo Credit - Owen Schmit)

Album Spotlight - Flat Worms: Antarctica (April 10, 2020)

Flat Worms are back with a new album, Antarctica. Antarctica represents the band's second full-length release, with their self-titled release that dropped in 2017. But that doesn't mean the band hasn't been busy, as the band released numerous singles and an EP in the intervening time between LP's.

Flat Worms have a strong indie-punk sensibility. On Antarctica their steady rhythmic guitar riffs and popping drum fills merge indie and punk into something new. If you're looking for a comp, I'd have to say Interpol is a decent one, but with a bit more punk flair.

Antarctica is an 11 track banger that hits and doesn't quit. Once it starts, it's off to the races. For being an album released by a trio of Will Ivy (guitar), Tim Hellman (bass) and Justin Sullivan (drums), there's a lot of music here. This is especially true on the leads.

Released on April 10, 2020 Antarctica has a bit of manic energy to it that complements the current state of affairs well. If you missed on this one when it dropped, you'll definitely want to become acquainted, it's a firecracker.

Rating - 3.75/5

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