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Advance Review - COIN: 'Dreamland'

Advance Review - COIN: Dreamland (February 21, 2020)

COIN’s third album Dreamland will surely not disappoint fans of the Nashville indie pop band. This is their first album since parting ways with bassist Zach Dyke in 2018, just one year after releasing How Will You Know If You Never Try, — Dreamland is replete with complicated, sometimes unrequited, occasionally inconvenient love stories, and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. After hearing early singles like “Simple Romance” and “Cemetery,” the cautionary tale of a man who lost sight of his priorities, I knew to expect plenty of other upbeat hits to populate this 14-track album.

The first track off of the album, “Into My Arms,” describes that initial infatuation with a new

romantic interest. With the lyrics “your voice is the only sound“ and “I think I’m falling apart” I find myself truly relating to that feeling you have when you think “Wow, I really like this person. I wonder what this could be. I hope it’s something good.” When vocalist Chase Lawrence pleads “don’t walk away” during the bridge, the emotion behind it carries the weight of thinking the world will end if that person doesn’t stay with you in that moment.

Another track that I couldn’t get enough of was “Never Change.” It deals with the issues that can arise after you’ve courted the person you were longing for but they leave you filled with doubt. It asks “why am I lonely when I’m sleeping right here next to you?” The song then goes on to say “I can’t live this way but I can’t live without you.” The last sentiment declared to this person is “you don’t have to change,” telling the tale of that desperate desire to be loved back in the way you deserve. This track pairs a danceable beat and melody with melancholy lyrics, a common trend on this album.

Many of the already released singles deal with the theme of wanting someone who might not want you back, including the endearing and energetic “Crash My Car” and “Youuu.” We also get some less energetic and much more soulful songs like “Lately III” and “Heaven Hearted.” One particularly impassioned song,the final song from the album, the single “Let It All Out (10:05)”leaves me feeling vulnerable and hopeful with its soft and melodic synth and its message of letting go and moving on.

“Dreamland” is essential listening for any fan of indie pop who’s ever had a crush, been in love, ended a relationship, or simply existed in the romantic world. I’m waiting patiently for the release so I can discuss all of my favorite tracks with the rest of my Sad Girl posse.

Rating - 4.5/5

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