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Advance Review - Clever Girls: 'Constellations'

(Photo Credit - Kay Dargin)

Advance Review - Clever Girls: Constellations (March 26, 2021) via Egghunt Records

Clever Girls' Constellations is very much an album full of self-discovery. Not only for the band themselves, but also for vocalist/guitarist Diane Jean. Diane Jean experienced in the post-coming out process of being a closeted, gender queer individual while this album was in the works. The result is an increased focus on self-introspection and autonomy within your identity. For the band, Constellations was written in a time in a time of exhaustion between tours and self-discovery.

The result of these emotions is an album that is indie-tinged, full of emotion, and moving. Not everyone gets to internalize and externalize the amount of emotion and power of self-discovery that Diane Jean does on this album, and it really shows. Among the highlights on the album are "Stonewall" Diane Jean noted that for the track, they did the vocals on the first take, having not spoken a word that day, and after an all-nighter at the studio the night before. In fact, Jean stated that they even recorded the vocals from a sleeping bag. The song discusses perceived gender norms in interpersonal relationships. Jean noted that they believed the vocals on the track feel defeated and that this was intentional.

Highlights of Constellations include fantastic hooks, raw emotion throughout, and an indie sound you'll be sure to dig. Constellations will be dropping everywhere tomorrow on Egghunt Records and is music you don't want to miss.

Rating - 4/5

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