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A Not So Silent Night: LANY, Patrick Martin, & Paul Russel. Hosted by Jared Leto

(Photo Credit - Nadia Tolar)

97.9 WNCI Dave and Jimmy’s “Not So Silent Night“ 12.15.2023 @ Kemba LIVE!

At Kemba, with the guest host Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars and a bazillion other things fame (like scaling skyscrapers now???) the night was ready to roll.

To kick it off, Leto and a few of the main leads over at WNCI came out and introduced the first supporting act, Paul Russel. Russel is from Dallas, TX and he brought hype and energy to the stage. He played about five songs, including a cover before ultimately playing “Lil Boo Thang“ which got everyone at Kemba LIVE moving on whole new level. 

Next up was Patrick Martin of Saukville, WI. Martin took the stage and had the crowd going in a frenzy. Martin has such a positive and powerful stage presence, that radiates from the stage. Martin played a few more songs than our opening supporting act, but Patrick also threw in a cover of "As it Was" by Harry Styles. This lead up to the main act of the night, the energy was perfect. 

Finally, LANY from Nashville, TN took the stage with fantastic lighting that felt like another layer to the performance throughout the night. Once the music started, it was hard to get anyone to stop dancing, moving around and screaming songs. The energy build up throughout the whole evening to LANY’s performance was perfect and LANY capped off a great night just right!

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