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A Mighty Sound - I the Mighty: 'Oil in Water'

(Photo Credit - Emily Ilbarra)

Track List

  1. "The Hound and the Fox"

  2. "Playing Catch with .22"

  3. "The Lying Eyes of Miss Erray"

  4. "Slow Dancing Forever"

  5. "Andrew’s Song"

I the Mighty is an alternative/experimental rock band that took the alt-rock scene by storm alongside other bands such as Dance Gavin Dance and Say Anything. What makes their sound really special, however, is the way they incorporate a sort of folk sound into their music. One of my favorite things about this album in particular is the way they have taken five songs from their previous album Connector and really focused on the folk sound that they usually keep in the background. Especially in their single “The Hound and the Fox” which allegedly features the vocals of their bassist Chris Hinkley instead of their usual singer Brent Walsh. It is a beautifully sung song with a strong bass line and a very bluegrass feel in the instrumentals; and if I’m being honest it’s my favorite version of the song.

I the Mighty was gifted unto me over the summer during a camping trip by my friend Kody. He played “The Hound and the Fox” once and I was hooked by that sweet bassline. Of course, it was “Playing Catch with .22” that really cemented my love for the band. The song draws a lot of emotions from me, whether it’s the original Connector version or the version that I was first introduced to in Oil in Water, it reminds me of how fleeting love can be. In fact, a lot of their songs feature some focus on love and romance, with a twist of pining and loss.

The final song on their album, “Andrew’s Song” is the acapella version of the original Connector song and it is a beautiful in either version. In an interview with Fuse Music, Brent admits that he wrote the song about his most recent relationship, with “Andrew” being his ex-girlfriend's dog who he had come to love very dearly. He is quoted on saying that she would “ask me when I was finally going to write about [...] Andrew.” (Walsh, 2015). A dog lover and a singer/songwriter? Count me in.

At the current moment it isn’t clear what the band is up to, but if their social media is anything to go off of fans are hopeful that a new album is on its way for 2020.

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