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Advance Review - Sløtface: 'Sorry for the Late Reply'

(Photo Credit - Jonathan Vivaas Kise)

Advance Review - Sløtface: Sorry for the Late Reply (January 31, 2020)

If you're looking for bright, alt-rock with a punk-tinged edge look no further than Norway's Sløtface and their new album, Sorry for the Late Reply. It's chock full of driving guitar work and vocal work that lays it on the line. Lyrically, Haley Shea covers a variety of issues on Sorry for the Late Reply. There's songs that beckon the listener to be the change they need in their lives ("Telepathic"). Shea wrote a quintessential breakup song in "Stuff". She also plays with the topics of death and funerals on multiple tracks ("Crying in Amsterdam", "Laugh At Funerals").

Musically, band mates Tor-Arne Vikingstad, Lasse Løkoy, and Nils Jørgen bring the heat with melodies that push the envelope and lay a perfect foundation for Shea's vocal work. Sløtface consider themselves a punk act, but we think they're more than just that. Their music touches on some alt stylings, while maintaining a foot in the familiar punk setting (particularly on tracks like "New Year New Me", "Laugh At Funerals", and "Static"). While their style is all their own, a somewhat decent for Sløtface would be indie rock powerhouse Summer Cannibals. With this versatile sound, the Norwegian four-piece are sure to attract a sizable audience, and we're just saying, we don't want you to be late to the party. So listen now!

Rating - 4/5

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