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Advance Review - Drive-By Truckers: 'The Unraveling'

Advance Review - Drive-By Truckers: The Unraveling (January 31, 2020) via ATO Records

Drive-By Truckers are back with their new album The Unraveling. The Unraveling is an unwavering critique of the current direction of the U.S. political and social culture. As expected with the Drive-By Truckers, the legendary alt-country group gives their unabashed critical take (particularly on "Thoughts and Prayers", "21st Century USA", and "Babies in Cages") on all of this and frankly, we're here for it and applaud their voice.

Musically, The Unraveling continues the tradition of The Drive-By Truckers unique blend of alt-country and Southern Rock. It features some slower tracks that pull you in lyrically and musically like "Rosemary with a Bible and a Gun. With powerful lyrics like "Her Daddy always said she was the one / who made the light the stars could wish upon / Rosemary with a bible and a gun." The Drive-By Truckers have always had a way with phrasing in their lyrics and that continues on this album.

There's perhaps no song on the album where the band brings the lyrical heat to our current situation than the single "Thoughts and Prayers". Lyrically, it's a devastating track that takes aim at gun violence. There is no lyric more touching than "When Generation Lockdown has their day / They’ll throw the bums all out and drain that swamp for real / Perp walk them down the Capitol steps and show them how it feels Tramp the dirt down, Jesus. You can pray the rod they’ll spare / Stick it up your ass with your useless thoughts and prayers." A powerful call-to-action, "Thoughts and Prayers" doesn't pull punches and we love to see it's inclusion on The Unraveling.

With The Unraveling, Drive-By Truckers continue to prove they are among alt-country's best. Their politically charged mixture of alt-country and Southern Rock has wide ranging appeal for listeners because they're just that damned good. So hurry up and listen to The Unraveling when you get the chance, you're not going to want to miss this one.

Rating - 4.5/5

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