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Advance Review - Son Little: 'aloha'

(Photo Credit - Shervin Lainez)

Advance Review - Son Little: aloha (January 31, 2020) via ANTI-

I have a lot I wanted to state in this first sentence, the most important being I love this album. I listened to it the same morning Eminem’s new album Music To Be Murdered By which contained a song that featured one of my favorites, Anderson .Paak; Halsey’s Manic, and Mac Miller’s Circles. I also tried, 070 Shake’s Modus Vivendi, Lauv’s ~how i’m feeling~, and Revenge of The Dreamers III: Director’s Cut, but none of them interested me the way Son Little’s album did.

To be fair, I liked Mac Miller’s Circles. It was my first experience listening to an entire album of his, and it fit my morning mood. It reminded me of a couple of artists, and I appreciated the easy Jack Johnson vibe it gave.

I understand the importance of mood when sitting down to write these reviews, but sometimes I am just hungry for something new: a sound, style, or attitude. That can affect me when I am listening to something I would normally like—it is just not right for the moment—and yes, my mood influenced my opinion of Aloha. However, I also always lean towards albums where the musician sounds very professional.

A working artist, Son Little has worked with musicians such as RJD2, Hezekiah, and The Roots. He has released two other LP’s, an EP, and a hand full of singles, but Aloha plays like he found his sound. A mix of blues, funk, and gospel; honest, and instrumentally clean, Son Little reminds me of Anderson .Paak with the accessibility of John Legend.

No one song stands out. The album is complete, and I can go back and enjoy each song. However, because I am writing a review and feel the need to give a new listener some direction, I will choose “Mahalia,” “Bbbaby,” and “That’s the way,” with each giving its own unique flavor to an extremely well-balance meal.

Final Thought: Like John Legend and Anderson .Paak, Son Little would be the perfect concert date.

Rating - 4/5 because I believe this will be the album people go to after hearing Son Little on another musician’s album.

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