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3rd Annual Rock 4 A Cause - Corpus Christi, TX

We are covering a fantastic musical event, the 3rd Annual Rock 4 A Cause event taking place in Corpus Christi, Texas TOMORROW! We got a chance to talk with Adam Stern, an organizer for the event and guitarist of Voodoo Logic!

Michael - Adam, can you tell us a little bit about the background of the 3rd Annual Rock 4 a Cause event?

Adam - "Sure, Rock 4 a Cause is our annual event where we host musical groups in a concert where the proceeds raised at the event go to a non-profit in the Corpus Christi community. This is our third annual Rock 4 a Cause event. The charity chosen this year is Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA). This is the second year we have selected CASA as the non-profit organization for the event. In past years we have hosted the event at the House of Rock, but this year we are hosting the event at the Bar Under the Sun (BUS)"

Michael - So what all will be taking place at the event?

Adam - "Well this year is a bit different to previous years, as we have taken the event and really blown it up (in terms of scale). This year we will have a festival type atmosphere with local vendors and food trucks from around the Corpus Christi community at BUS from 12:00pm-6:00pm. Then at 6:00pm we will sell tickets for the music that are $7.00 and the music will start around 6:00pm and end around 12:30am. 100% of the proceeds raised will benefit CASA, we're not keeping a dime."

Michael - You know I've got to ask about the lineup you got playing this thing.

Adam - We have an exciting lineup of some established local talents and newcomers. The first band we have is The Reely Rotnz, who play all original music. We also have The Cover Tones playing who do some fantastic covers of songs and are a really polished act. Then we have Voodoo Logic, another local band with all original music. And finally we have a newer band The Vinylz, who are actually a Beatles cover band."

Michael - Sounds like a great mix of music! Where can people go if they'd like more information about the event?

Adam - "They can go to the Facebook event page, which has all the information. Or they can email or call (361) 739-0808.

For more information about the bands playing visit:

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