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Advance Review - G. Love: 'The Juice'

(Photo Credit - Kaelan Barowsky)

Advance Review - G. Love: The Juice (January 17, 2020)

As we ring in a new decade overwrought with turmoil and tribulations, G.Love heroically enters with his new album “The Juice”, produced by long time friend and collaborator, Keb’ Mo’. Not only blessed be our ears with his always

prevalent funky style and lyrics, the twang of the blues guitar mellows out the mood just right. In regards to working with Keb’ Mo’, G. Love is quoted saying “The record for me was a lesson in kind of the fundamentals of music. I really learned a lot. His approach is so thoughtful and meticulous. It was really cool."

G. Love teased the album with the release of a series of music videos in a groovy, hand drawn cartoon style by director/animator @theandressoler. The video for the title track and ultimate protest song, “The Juice”, captures an animated G.Love in a press release news event where he’s speaking to his followers about having this said juice and coming together to bring social and political order to each other and to ourselves.

While the animation for “SoulBQue” is notable for its trippy, pulsating background and inanimate objects with eyes/facial features, and Roosevelt Collier lays down a groovy head bobbing track, the message in the lyrics trumps all. The song is all about food, friends, and music and how they are the makings of a good time. “Come on into my house, it’s alright, it's all good… You don’t need no invitation to drop on by.” The social creatures that we are, we all need friends that let drop on by.

Along with social message of “coming together”, G. Love stresses the importance of being an original, honest version of yourself and finding your own beauty in a couple key tracks. “Shake Your Hair” is a track that stresses how muddled and overproduced people and products have become. He shakes his head at a capitalistic America and calls out the “EDM Country Hoe”. His playful “Fix your Face” is a song aimed at the girl who let the way she looks at herself fall short all because of how a guy made her feel. He sings “You don’t need no paint or powder, all you need is a little smile”. He suggests she leave a three word “Lipstick Letter” on the mirror, one that only reads “Kiss My Ass”.

“The Juice” is another impressive entry in G.Love’s career of solo albums and collaborations. Funky, Fresh, and for everyone, I suggest everyone take a listen and pay it forward to other music eager ears.

Rating - 4/5

To all of my Columbus friends, be sure to check out G.Love at A&R music Bar January 17th!

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