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#HotTake EP Review - Dogwood People 'Stoneclad' and 'Too Many Hits'

Corpus Christi alt-rockers Dogwood People have dropped not one, but two EP's to kick off 2020. We're extremely excited to

review them for you!

Dogwood People - Stoneclad

The EP kicks off with the absolutely lit track "Val Halla". This song evokes comps to thrash rock favorites and absolutely grips you from the get go. Complete with solos and dynamic vocals, it's a winner. Where "Val Halla" kicks the EP off, "Marathon" raises the bar, especially vocally. Vocalist/Guitarist throws in some dynamic screaming for good measure. If you're remotely into the harder side of alt, you're gonna dig this one.

The third track on the four song EP "Zombie Dust" is a methodically paced banger, that ramps it up and slows it down exactly where it needs to. This one evokes more comps to hard Southern-Rock groups like Pantera. The EP closes out with the foot on the gas with the pounding song "See You". The guitars are strong here and vocally this one reminds me of classic Stone Temple Pilots. Overall, this EP just doesn't stop. If you like rock, you're going to definitely be hooked by what Dogwood People have to offer on Stoneclad.

Rating - 4/5


Dogwood People - Too Many Hits

Too Many Hits comes out blasting with "Evil Bruja". The song is highlighted by dynamic percussion and ripping guitar. "Insurgent Hunter", one of my favorite tracks that I've seen the band perform live is also included on Too Many Hits. Everything from the high-paced leads, to the ripping rhythm, and the dynamic backing vocalization make this song a must listen. And as I mentioned before, they play it so damn well live.

"Suicide" evokes thoughts of classic punk rock on speed. Particularly with the inclusion of call and response vocals. Clocking in at 1:40, "Suicide" hits you quick and leaves as fast as it came in the door. Wrapping it up, this EP is another great preview into what Dogwood People are capable of. We can't wait for a full length release from the Corpus Christi rockers.

Rating - 4/5

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