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Confessional with Bad Saint - 12/16/2019

It's Monday and that means it's time for Confessional with Bad Saint! Every week Bad Saint will be taking your musical questions, confessions, and/or settling your debates. We have a great batch of questions this week from the public. If you would like to submit a question for Bad Saint, send an email to With that, let's get to your questions!


Hey Bad Saint,

What's your least favorite genre of music?

-Sarah in Montana

"Great Question - I really fucking hate Musical Threatre. No, I have not seen/heard Hamilton, but I'm already confident I will hate it. The yelling and the pandering in musical theatre is to damn high! I can take pandering or yelling in music, but not both at the same time! I also HATE a lot of DubStep. Many of the tones give my synesthesia brain a headache and I can't run to a beat that's always being withheld. Rawr."


Hi Bad Saint,

Will you be hitting up Record Store Day? If so, what are some albums you're targeting?

-Tyler in Arizona

"Of course! I love record store day, largely for the in-store sessions. Easy Street Records and Sonic Boom always have cool in-store performances. I'm a little bit of a jerk and rarely buy physical records because my end-game is to live in a rad van and play music all the time... BUT I'd love to have support Mxmtoon by buying a physical album."


Bad Saint,

What are your thoughts on the Vampire Weekend's 'Father of the Bride'? Also, how do you feel about releasing the entire album two songs at a time?

Francis in Ohio

"TBH I love that the industry is switching to smaller releases- as a writer of lots of short and sweet songs the single/small release format is THE DREAM. As for Vampire Weekend's new stuff, it's growing on me! Most of the songs are sweet little gems with lyrics that get me in the feels. So I think releasing them a little at a time gives me more time to appreciate them as standalone works. I haven't had the same earworm draw to New Vampire weekend as I have in the past, but I'm giving it time. Last time I was super into Vampire Weekend I had an ipod full of stolen music - so those earworms of their earlier catalog had a better chance to wedge their way in my brain than stuff from my spotify account."


Dear Bad Saint,

If you had to make a stage etiquette rule book, what would it include?

Molly in Iowa

"It depends on the band/project! It's always good to have a discussion about who's allowed to talk on stage. The only thing worse than awkward stage banter is being on stage trying to get your substitute-bassist who just decided to announce their flat earth YouTube channel off the mic."


Dear Bad Saint,

Is there an upcoming album in 2019 that you're absolutely pumped about?

Tucker from Georgia

"Well there's only half a month left in the year, so my list is already out. I will say the new Kate Davis album took me by surprise, I picked up a last-minute show with her in Seattle (The first stop on her album release tour!) in early December and had that record on rotation ever since."

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