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Music Video Premiere: Marshall feat. Jocelyn Alice "Mr. Parachute" Remix by Human Kebab

(Photo Credit - Catie Laffoon)

We're extremely excited to premiere the music video for the remix by Human Kebab of "Mr. Parachute" by Marshall (feat. Jocelyn Alice) on Alt Revue! We had an opportunity to chat a bit with Marshall about the video and the collaboration with Human Kebab. Marshall stated that he and Human Kebab (Jay Parsons) met back in 2008 at a show for Parsons' band Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS). Marshall was impressed with the band's set and would later tour Europe with USS as a part of Walk Off the Earth.

Marshall and Jay thought of doing a remix from Marshall's album Layers and the choice that stood out to them was "Mr. Parachute" feat. Jocelyn Alice. After some tweaking with the mix they were able to get the remix just right. To Marshall, the remix is "Dirty, heavy, beautiful, weird, visual, sexy, real." Marshall is hopeful that before people see the video they will open themselves up to be allowed to let the video take them on a trip.

With that said, check out the video below!

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