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Music You Need to Know! - 11/6/2019

Welcome to our continuing series Music You Need to Know! Here we search high and low to bring you some of the best of what alt has to offer that you might not have heard! Check it out!

1. Stella Donnelly - (For fans of Snail Mail) I was absolutely shocked that Stella Donnelly met the qualifications I use for this piece. Needless to say I had to include her because y'all need to be listening to her stat!

2. Dustin Kensrue - (For fans of City and Colour) The vocals are a little more gravely, but there's something that's just as epic in the melodies Kensrue produces that reminds of City and Colour. His work is definitely worth checking out.

3. Kate Davis - (For fans of Frankie Cosmos) Her delicate vocals and melodies are will have you hooked in no time.

4. Cactus Blossoms - (For fans of Orville Peck) Cactus Blossoms put a nice spin on the alt-country genre that you'll be sure to dig.

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