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Advance Review - Corridor - 'Junior'

(Photo Credit - Dominic Berthiaume)

Advance Review - Corridor - Junior (October 18, 2019) via Sub Pop

I know this is going to sound stupid, but Corridor’s Junior is precisely the sound I think about when I hear the phrase alternative music.

Junior opens with “Topographe,” a song with hammering guitars, driving drums, and spacey vocals. It sounds like the late sixties had a child with the late seventies that grew up in the late eighties. And if that is the case, “Junior” is the child finding its way, on its own.

When “Domino” hits, I realize this is a band that is capable of putting together an LP that makes sense. Junior captured my interest with the two opening songs, and now I am ready to really get into the album. Especially the exploring moment in the middle. Enjoying this song, I am excited to hear what is to come and to see them when they tour my area because I know they will bring the show.

“Goldie” is a step back, the moment to catch my breath and catch up on my typing. I cannot say I love this song, but within the realm of the album, it keeps me going, and I know after my fifth or six full-album listen, I will be totally on board. (It is true. This happened.)

“Agent Double” is the first song in which I focus on the dual guitar makeup. Although this is not an uncommon band lineup, the conversation between the guitars on this song is intriguing. Again, I want to see this band play live.

“Microscopie” takes me back to the eighties, which I love when I hear it reinvented.

“Grand Cheval” is another moment when then the energy of the album is turned down to show the softer side of the band. Wait. Maybe not the softer side. Maybe it is more spacey and reflective.

“Milan” is my favorite song on the album. Everything from the guitars (including the bass) and the drums to the vocals to the atmosphere they create make it the epitome of Junior. And what makes it even more perfect is that they follow it up with “Pow,” a song that captures mania.

The final song of the album, “Bang,” reminds me of the Beatles. Gently weeping guitars or something like that. Whatever. It’s a great way to leave their listeners.

Final Thoughts:

“39 minutes of darting and dodging guitars, spiraling vocal harmonies, and the complicated, goldenrod nostalgia of a Sunday mid-afternoon,” a description that sounds like it came directly from my playbook, is a perfect explanation of the album. However, although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I felt the dip in the middle could lose some people. But keep with it, give it a couple of listens, and you will realize how talented and fun Corridor is. I cannot wait to see them live.

Rating - 4/5 (because they put this album together in a hurry and made something REAL happen.)

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