Home Home Home Home Home Home Take me home

These are the opening lyrics of “Home” by LCD Soundsystem. It is off This Is Happening. It introduces the song, but what is James Murphy saying? Is this someone reflecting on home or the plea of someone who has gone too hard and wants to go home? I guess that depends on how you listen to it. I hear regret in his voice. “Home,” the only word a person completely intoxicated can say. The subject’s friends think, what does she/he want? until she/he finally says, “take me home.”

Just do it right

Make it perfect and real

Because it’s everything

No everything was never the deal

These are the lyrics that Camélia turned me on to. She sang “Because it’s everything/No everything was never the deal,” every time we heard it. At first, I did not say anything, because loudly singing LCD Soundsystem is our thing—actually just specific lines and each had our own parts—and I had to find my lines. However, after listening to her a couple of times, I started to realize I liked the wordplay. However, I still did not know what the rest of the song was about.

So grab your things and stumble into the night

So we can shut the door

Oh, shut the door on terrible times

Last weekend, after telling Camélia that I was writing about the lyrics to “Home,” and forcing her to listen to it multiple times, I tell her, “This is a narrative. James Murphy is telling the story about people trying to go out to forget their troubles. This is the early relatable moment. It’s smart. You know what I mean?”

She looks at me.

I hate that I keep saying, “You know what I mean?”

Yeah, do it right

And head again into space

So you can carry on

And carry on, and fall all over the place

“That’s cocaine,” I say to Camélia, so proud of myself. I’m smiling like I was the first person to figure out what Donald Barthelme was writing about in The Dead Father.


“Yeah. Get it. So you can carry on, and fall all over the place...” I waited for a response. “Cocaine gives you the strength to keep drinking so you can stumble around...” She was not buying my interpretation.

This is the trick, forget a terrible year That we can break the laws Until it gets weird

See, it’s all about the Claw. “Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws.” White Claws? (Did I write that?)

And this is what you waited for But under lights, we're all unsure So tell me What would make you feel better?

“Ha. Jim Murphy is like, ‘What drug do you want now?’ Annoyed because his partner is soooo fucking needy,”