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Artist Spotlight - Michigander

(Photo Credit - Kris Herrmann)

We had the opportunity to interview Michigander, the solo project of Jason Singer. Michigander just dropped a new EP titled 'Where Do We Go From Here' that MUST be on your rotation, it's so damn good. Check out our interview with him below!

1. How did you come to pursue music and how long have you been at it?

"It was out of necessity. There was nothing else I was passionate about or good at, so it was a natural process of finding it."

2. Could you walk us through your process of writing music?

"It's changed, at first I wrote the lyrics before writing the music. That always seemed forced. Now I make the music and melody before making lyrics, which has made it easier to write better songs."

3. What artists have inspired you in your career?

"It has changed overtime. When I was younger was into the White Stripes and Bob Dylan and a lot of greatest hits of bands. As I've gotten older I started listening to a lot of Britpop like Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, and Oasis. Now I'm listening to Bon Iver and the National. I've also started to get a better appreciation for pop music."

4. Do you have any favorite music gear (guitars, amps, effects pedals, keyboards, etc.) that you love to use? If so, what’s the story on them?

"I've always been playing a Fender Strat, which has been a signature of sorts. Also, I recently got a 1981 DRV Pedal from Matt Hoopes of Reliant-K. I love it so much it's been on every song on the new EP."

5. Can you describe the vibe at your live shows? Also, what do you enjoy most about a venue when you do a show?

"Live shows are the best place for me to connect with fans, emotion is conveyed better live because we can see one another other. It's a high energy show, but it's personable and accessible."

"Honestly, when a venue gives us something besides beer that's always a great thing. Like coffee or fruit, but most venues seem to give us beer".

6. What is one thing that you want the public to know about your music?

"I like people to know I'm just a normal dude and I don't think there is anything extraordinary about me as a person. Anyone can do what I'm doing if you put the time in."

7. Can you tell us about the writing, recording, and promotion process of your Where Do We Go From Here EP?

"The whole EP was written in a six month window. That's the first time it's happened this fast, as the previous EP had been written over the course of years. This was recorded in about two weeks, so that was fast as well. It was all put together at one time, which is a common thread for the whole thing. It has a central theme or sorts to it which stems from this. As far as promoting it, we're on tour for about three more weeks (see dates below).

Michigander Tour

9/27 - Nashville, TN - The High Watt

9/28 - Indianapolis, IN - White Rabbit

10/3 - Columbia, MO - Rose Music Hall

10/4 - Eureka Springs, AR - Chelsea's Bar

10/6 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry

10/8- Davenport, IA - Racoon Motel

10/9 - Davenport, IA - Racoon Motel

10/10 - Madison, WI - High Noon Saloon

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