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Music You Need to Know! - 9/25/2019

Welcome to our continuing series Music You Need to Know! Here we search high and low to bring you some of the best of what alt has to offer that you might not have heard! Check it out!

1. Emilie Nicolas - (For fans of Sigrid) - With captivating vocal talent and fantastic alt-pop melodies, Emilie Nicolas is a star on the rise.

2. Islands - (For fans of Spoon) - Islands have a distinct indie rock sound that features outstanding vocals from Nick Diamonds. They're a band that should be in your rotation if you dig indie rock.

3. Fear of Tigers - (For fans of Electric Youth) - Fear of Tigers are pure electronic music that you're going to dig. They have catchy melodies that if you don't move to, you might need to check your pulse.

4. American Aquarium - (For fans of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit) - If you're into alt-country, you're going to want to check out American Aquarium ASAP.

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