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Advance Review - Baby Shakes 'Cause a Scene'

(Photo Credit - Nate Frohnhoefer)

Advance Review - Baby Shakes Cause a Scene (September 20, 2019)

NYC based rockers Baby Shakes have delivered a perfect slice of light retro punk-tinged rock with their fourth album Cause a Scene.

The tight rhythm section will put you in mind of the early days of The Ramones but lead singer Mary Blount’s vocals have more than a touch of glam rock to them - it’s a combination that will have you dancing from the first track. They have a garage sound that feels fresh rather than grimey.

This is a short album in the punk tradition, only about 30 minutes long, but the 10 tracks all pack a punch and there is no filler at all here. Lead single Nowhere Fast kicks the album off with a bang and every track continues to deliver at a high tempo. Even the slower, more romantic sounding Wasurenai Wa has enough bounce to get you moving.

Out on September 20, Cause a Scene is the perfect antidote to your end of summer blues, like the musical version of a strawberry lemonade with a double shot of rum. The sweet melodies and catchy hooks are going to keep you going until the trees have lost their leaves.

Pick of the Bunch: Nowhere Fast, Cause a Scene, Am I Ever Gonna See You, Let’s Go Jet Glo

Rating - 4/5

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