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Advance Review - Alex Cameron - 'Miami Memory'

(Photo Credit - Chris Rhodes)

Advance Review - Alex Cameron - Miami Memory (September 13, 2019) on Secretly Canadian

I was about to write that Panic at the Disco grew up and took the form of Alex Cameron, but Brendon Urie is actually older than the Austrian musician who is releasing his third album, Miami Memory. Then I thought about it a little more: I don’t listen to Panic; my daughter used to, and It just seems I am confused by the whole ordeal.

That being said, I was surprised by the lyrics to the songs on Cameron’s new album when I was giving it my first listen. In my mudroom working on a wall for the cats’ playground, I thought about my daughter and her former love for Panic, Justin Bieber, and Twenty One Pilots. Then I heard It. “She’s far from born again; she’s doing porn again.” I thought, Wait. What is happening? I stopped cutting my drywall and went into the kitchen. I restarted Miami Memory.

“Stepdad.” I didn’t know what to think. Are the lyrics profound or humorous? Both? And what about the music? It is simple and catchy. I liked it and liked it more than I thought I would and more each time I listened.

The music in “Miami Memory” sounds like music I would listen to and then the lyrics happened again. How old is this guy? 29? What? There’s no way that’s true. His lyrics are funny, but also somehow spot on.

“Far From Born Again,” won me over. Then “Gaslight.’’

“Bad For The Boys” is a political song?

“End Is Nigh.” Damn. We’ve all been there before. At least my friends and I have been.

Cameron is back to his humor in “PC With Me.”

“Divorce.” Oh no.

“Other Ladies.” Thank you, Alex. I needed one that is somewhat uplifting.

The final kick in the balls. “Too Far.” Or hold up: Is this a love album? “So if you’re worried/that this could all come undone/...I only care that your mine for as long as you’re around.” Does that work on women?

Final thoughts: What can I say? The music reminds me of 80's or the resurgence of that sound, mixed with a man who is capable of self-deprecating humor. Maybe if I made the move to dabble with music, this would be the type I would come up with. That’s scary.

Rating - 4/5 (mostly for the lyrics)

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