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Music You Need to Know! - 8/21/19

Welcome to our continuing series Music You Need to Know! Here we search high and low to bring you some of the best of what alt has to offer that you might not have heard! Check it out! 

1. La Force - A fantastic artist and vocalist, you need to immediately check out! Also check out our Artist Spotlight we did with her last year! 

2. Low Cut Connie - Low Cut Connie is another group making waves that you need to check out. Their sound is a touch alt and a touch rock n roll and always intriguing.

3. Outer Spaces - Outer Spaces have a sound that is distinct, it's part classic and part contemporary alt. You've got to check them out. 

4. Katie Toupin - Looking for solid alt melodies, dynamic vocals, and awesome lyrics? Look no further. Katie Toupin has a bit of everything you look for in a solid musician. Give her a listen!   

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