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Advance Review - Electric Youth - 'Memory Emotion'

(Photo Credit: SECRETSECRET) 

Advance Review - Electric Youth, Memory Emotion

Electric Youth, the duo of vocalist Bronwyn Griffin and multi-instrumentalist Austin Garrick are masterful at creating euphoric, atmospheric rhythms that hook you immediately. They are delicate and not overdone or too confrontational, they're dreamlike. Garrick seemingly effortlessly creates these melodies through synth work.They perfect with Griffin's unique vocal style which itself is euphoric in its own right which is helped with reverb to achieve this. 

The result of Griffin and Garrick's efforts is a unique alt-pop/synth-pop sound that is all it's own. It's crisp and pure and not bogged down by unnecessary instrumentation, Griffin and Garrick keep it clean and let the music speak for itself. Some tracks naturally like "Higher" make you want to move. Some pull you in with the emotions in their lyrics ("thirteen"). While others like "Evergreen 143" make you sit in awe and just listen.

Songs We'd Recommend - "ARAWA", "Breathless", "Real Ones", "thirteen", "Now Now", "Through the same eyes".

Closing Thoughts - You can't help but love this one. It's musically tight, the vocals are phenomenal, and the lyrics are solid. Pulling from the title Memory Emotion some of the sounds used in the tracks evoke memories and emotions from a different place or time. This is the best alt-pop/synth-pop work that we've heard in a while. Electric Youth simply have a gift and you can tell that comes from time working together (they've known each other since middle school). This is another entry into album of the year for us, as it is one you really should listen to from cover to cover. Simply fantastic. 

Rating - 4.5/5    

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