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Music You Need to Know! - 7/9/19

Welcome to our continuing series Music You Need to Know! Here we search high and low to bring you some of the best of what alt has to offer that you might not have heard! Check it out!

Fossil Collective - (For Fans of Bon Iver)

Fossil Collective has a unique sound that straddles between Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes. The result is outstanding as they have some glorious homemade harmonies and dynamic melodies that instantly hook the listener. If you're into indie-folk, this is a band you need to get into ASAP.


Pageants - (For Fans of Cherry Glazerr)

With a fun, buzz worthy sound, Pageants bring an intriguing sound with their unique mix of alt-pop. Their melodies pop eagerly off the track and are accented perfectly by the vocals that accompany them. If you're remotely into alt-pop Pageants should be on your shortlist of acts to listen to.


Gabrielle Shonk- (For Fans of Florence Welch)

Combining vocal stylings reminiscent of Florence Welch in their level of soul. Along with jazz/soul influenced melodies, Gabrielle Shonk has a little bit of everything for listeners. Her vocals boom over fantastic melodies she creates. She’s definitely one to watch.

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