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Advance Review - Giant in the Lighthouse - Waving EP

(Photo Credit: Olivia Edvalson)

We had the opportunity to get advance access to Giant in the Lighthouse's debut EP Waving! Giant In The Lighthouse (Peggy O’Sullivan and Adrian Sympson) make up an energetic group that make alt music that is fun and engaging. Waving drops Friday June 28, 2019! Check out our review of the EP below!

Advance Review - Giant in the Lighthouse - Waving

Upon first listen, you notice that Giant in the Lighthouse has energetic melodies and drumbeats that just pull you into the song. O'Sullivan's vocals sit atop this like an ether and it works so perfectly. Giant in the Lighthouse has a sound that is light, it's upbeat, and it will keep you afloat in the good and the bad times. "Sprinting" features a driving melody that almost reminds of Death Cab for Cutie, particularly with the drums. The vocals and melody drive this song so well and Giant and Lighthouse make such great use of pauses in the melody. It's so well done.

Their sound overall is bright and warm. It feels as if it takes you back somewhere you've been before, in a good way. Like revisiting your favorite memory from your childhood. The music is downright pure. There honestly isn't a weak track on the album. If I were to say my favorite, it would probably have to be "Darling". Here O'Sullivan flexes her vocals a bit more and we also get more from the guitar (especially at about the 2:20 mark) to pair with the fantastic drumming.

Closing Thoughts - The sounds here are so tight between O'Sullivan and Sympson. As I said before, it reminds you of favorite memory from your childhood, it's that bright and energetic. It's also worth mentioning that it's also restrained enough to not overstep. The only downside to this EP for me was that it was only four songs! I wanted more. If you're into melody driven alt acts, you can't miss Giant in the Lighthouse and Waving.

Rating - 4/5

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