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#TOPSIXTUESDAY is back in a new form! We are bringing you six bands a week that have caught our eye that you need to check out. So with that said, let's get it!

1. Summer Cannibals - Their fantastic new album Can't tell me No drops Friday, June 28! If you haven't read our review yet, do so and you'll see this is a must add to your collection.


2. Hatchie - Fresh off just releasing her highly anticipated debut album Keepsake, Hatchie is absolutely killing it right now.


3. Snail Mail - Snail Mail re-released her debut EP Habit yesterday, which includes new artwork and a bonus track, a cover of Courtney Love's "The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl in the World".


4. The Fruit Bats - They just released their new album Gold Past Life, which is definitely worthy of your attention. Give it a listen!


5. The Rolling Stones - They just kicked off their highly anticipated U.S. No Filter Tour in Chicago last week. The Stones will continue to tour the country, much to the delight of fans everywhere.


6. Molly Burch - Molly Burch has just announced she will be dropping a 7" titled Ballads on August 2, 2019! She shared the A-Side "Only One" and it's great. Check it out!

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