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#HotTake Review - Jeremy Squires - Poem

(Photo Credit: Jeremy Squires) 

#HotTake Review - Jeremy Squires - Poem

Hailing from North Carolina, Jeremy Squires brings a tenderness to his album Poem. With each individual track, I felt an earnestness flowing throughout. Is Squires the most dynamic musician alive today? Not by any means. However, he brings something to his sound that not many others do and that's something that reminds you of a long journey home. That moment when you get just up the peak of a hill and see your destination and know where you've been headed all along. For me, having been raised in Southeast Ohio, in Appalachian country as they call it, his music is very much home. 

Closing Thoughts - If you're going to put a gun to my head and make me comp his sound, I'd say Iron & Wine, sometimes Tom Petty (see "If We Stay) it's difficult to pin down. It's Americana, it's alt-country, it's fun. He moves through his songs at a methodical pace, and you place your trust in him that he knows where he's headed because you've already heard what's come before. 

Songs from the album we'd recommend - "Fragments", "Orchid", and "Stargazer".

Rating - 4/5 

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