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#TOPSIXTUESDAY is back in a new form! We are bringing you six bands a week that have caught our eye that you need to check out. So with that said, let's get it!

1. Frankie Cosmos - Has just announced a new album, Close it Quietly available September 6th on Sub Pop and dropped a video for the lead single "Windows". Check it out!


2. Robyn - Robyn just dropped a brand new video for her single "Ever Again" off of her smash album Honey. It's a classic feeling video that will be sure to take you back.


3. Cat Clyde - Cat Clyde's soulful blues-inspired alt album Hunter's Trance dropped June 14 and it is absolutely fantastic. It's a must add to your playlist.


4. Marshall - Marshall's new album Layers drops June 21. It's an engaging mix of alt and pop that will hook you. Check out the video for "Mr. Parachute" featuring Jocelyn Alice!


5. The Ocean Blue - The Ocean Blue have an instantly recognizable sound that takes you back. Their brand new album Kings and Queens / Knaves and Thieves drops June 21. When it does, you'll definitely need to check it out!


6. Christian Sparks and the Beatnik Bandits - Favorites Christian Sparks and the Beatnik Bandits have recently been selected for the NPR Music to Tiny Desk Contest On The Road: Austin Showcase. In addition they were recently featured in a piece with NPR Music. These guys are already a must see if you haven't yet, so please do it.

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