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#TOPSIXTUESDAY is back in a new form! We are bringing you six bands a week that have caught our eye that you need to check out. So with that said, let's get it!

1. Bad Books - Dropping their first new album III (drops this Friday!) in seven years, you know the top spot had to go to Bad Books!


2. Black Belt Eagle Scout - With the release of a new single "At the Party" and the announcement of her new album At the Party with My Brown Friends Black Belt Eagle Scout is making noise on the list this week!


3. Bon Iver - With the release of two new singles including "Hey Ma", Bon Iver is on fire this week.


4. Stef Chura - With the release of her new album Midnight and the announcement of her tour, Stef Chura is on the rise this week!


5. Pixies - With their release of their brand new single "On Graveyard Hill", it's another fantastic entry in The Pixies already expansive catalog.


6. Los Coast - Their new album Samsara drops June 14. The Austin, TX based group is riding high this week.

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