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#HotTake Review - "9x16"

#HotTake Review - NYIKO x The White Electric: "9x16"

Los Angeles based NYIKO and The White Electric, based out of Boston have just released the fantastic electronic track "9x16"! The song seamlessly fuses alt, electronic, and pop for a fresh sound that jumps off the track at the listener. The seemingly effortless incorporation of synth work and bass beats make for a melody that immediately makes you want to move. 

Thematically, the song delves into the world of dating and technology and what happens when we actually engage with one another. NYIKO and The White Electric's call getting offline and going out is a call to action and is well-received. 

Overall, this is another strong track from NYIKO and a great collaboration with The White Electric. This collaboration demonstrates some of the strengths of the electronic genre including melodic vocals, powerful synth, and captivating melody. This is a song you don't want to miss!

Rating 4/5

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