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The New York Tour

Here you will find a three band write-up all somehow involving my favorite city in the world, New York City! I went for some lesser known artists, so check it out for some great music you may be missing! 


Oppenheimer began in a small room in Belfast Northern Ireland. Their music soon bloomed into a synth-pop genre inspired by their interests in their keyboards. Their album that shares the same name as the band is one of my favorite types of albums. Each song plays a specific role in developing one sound throughout the album. One of my favorite songs being Breakfast in NYC. If something chill and upbeat is what you’re looking for, then jump straight into the first song, "This is Not a Test".

Bishop Allen

Taking the next spot in the New York Tour is Bishop Allen. They are an American indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Their second full-length album, Bishop Allen & the Broken String, is another album I’ve adored for years. It is in the same realm of chill while upbeat, and adds a charming sound on top of that.

The Moldy Peaches

To wrap up the tour is another band from the Big Apple and should be more of a throwback than an introduction to a new band. I first discovered them myself in the movie, Juno. The entire soundtrack was gold, however, "Anyone Else but You" by The Moldy Peaches can easily take the heart of any listener. They were definitely not a one hit wonder though, so definitely hit up their other albums and singles since 1996!

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