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Electronic Playground: Cannons

Welcome to Electronic Playground. In this weekly column, we will cover tech-heavy music that is a large segment of the Alternative/Indie movement of today. In general, these bands do not see the popularity of some "less out there" acts, so do not be discouraged if you haven't heard of them. We will focus on all types of electronic music in a genre that is known for its subcategories.

To continue with our theme of exploration, this week we are talking about the indie-electronic three-piece, Cannons, from Los Angeles, CA. These folks have been releasing EPs since 2013. The group, comprised of Ryan Clapham, Paul Davis, and Michelle Joy, have also gained some notoriety for use during HBO's series, "Ballers."The sound is definitely more varied than some other acts found in the electronic arena; however, some of their tracks are so on the nose with the electronic scene, such as "Holding On" (featured below), they definitely should be included here.


Several of our favorite tracks from Cannons come from their 2018 EP, In a Heartbeat. The band said this was a time they really focused on writing hooks and the result really shines as a result of that, in our opinions. "Backwards" is a great representation of what we love best from them. Joy's subtle vocals over the complexities of the production work so well together, it's hard to get enough. Joy's range during the chorus is quite impressive (even factoring in the effects) and very much welcomed from a listener standpoint. This shows yet another tool at the disposal of the band.

Nevermind, Never Mine

This track has a fun bit of wordplay, using a homonym between nevermind and never mine, playing up the constant "gaming" of modern relationships where participants dance in and out of commitment to fit the situation. Unlike similar relationship tracks, Joy doesn't spend much time wallowing in it, but warning that it goes both ways. The track stays fairly mellow throughout, but maintains the impact of a full-on love anthem.

Holding On

We believed if we featured this track first, readers would lump it into our typical fair and assume we are coming heavy with the 80s synth. This would do a bit of a disservice to the group thanks to their eclectic variety and willingness to take chances. Once perusing their catalog of EPs, one can notice their sound has shifted throughout the years and we can only hope it continues this way. The music being put out by Cannons right now is a great representation of what great pop and electronic music sounds like right now.

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