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Advance Review - Party of the Sun: Song for You

 (Photo Credit: Ben Conant)

We had the opportunity to do an Advance Review of Party of the Sun's "Song for You" which drops on May 9!

Advance Review - Party of the Sun - "Song for You"

"Song for You" by Party of the Sun is a bright track with great harmonies present throughout the track. The melody is tight, with acoustic guitar playing throughout. There is a solo that has a tinge of twang to it which is great, it is very much in the alt-country vein. Vocally, Party of the Sun evokes comps to alt-country greats like Ryan Adams or Strand of Oaks. 

This song is a strong entry into the band's discography, of which we are looking forward to more work. They currently have released an EP and some singles. We are very much looking forward to a full-length release from these guys. "Song for You" is a great jumping off point for you to start your fandom, it has a little bit of everything. Check these guys out, you'll be glad you did.

Rating 4/5  

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