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Advance Review - The Mammoths: Green Eyes

(Photo Credit - Kate Blaising)

Advance Review - The Mammoths - "Green Eyes"

The Mammoths are back with a brand new single titled "Green Eyes" that drops Friday, May 3rd! It features ripping guitar work throughout, solid use of keys, drums, and bass (great work from the members of the band: David Kapsner, Michael Jekot, Tyler Rush, and Tim Durand!). Vocally, "Green Eyes" features the signature harmony work that The Mammoths are known for, as all members of the band are able to harmonize so well with one another. There's a fun breakdown portion of track that builds up where the guitar almost revs up the melody. This then drops right into a killer guitar solo. It's downright solid musicianship from The Mammoths.

Closing Thoughts - If you're looking for something that toes the line between rock and psychedelic, you've found it here. The keys used in the song remind me of classic tracks by The Doors, while the guitar goes for something a little harder. Vocally Kapsner's style has a bit of blues and rock edge to it as he slyly delivers the vocals in this one. "Green Eyes" is another highly listenable, banger that you'll be sure to want to sing and dance to!

Rating - 5/5

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