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Advance Review and Artist Spotlight - Pheeyownah

(Photo Credit: Bes Rakthai)

We had the opportunity to get advance access to Pheeyownah's new album Silver and she also provided us an interview for an Artist Spotlight feature! Check out our track by track review of Silver and what Pheeyownah had to say in our interview. Also be sure to check out her album Silver when it drops May 3rd on Labrador Records!

Advance Review Pheeyownah - Silver

We had the opportunity to get advance access to Pheeyownah's new album Silver that drops May 3 on Labrador Records! Check out our track by track review below!

After the intro, "Silver" kicks off the album, which has a phenomenal atmospheric sound. Vocally, "Silver" is a alt-pop triumph that is pacing and methodical in it's execution. After the transition of "Urchin", "Vulnerable" kicks of with a nice heavy bass beat to it. This really keeps the listener grounded in the beat. While this beat plays, Pheeyownah displays strong vocals that are as smooth as all get out. Midway through the track, she breaks into a slight rap that is awesome, before slipping right back to her dynamic vocal pattern.

"At Ease" is another short transition track. With that, "Yellow Light" jumps right off the album at you with a dynamic backing track and smooth vocalization from Pheeyownah. If you dig alt-pop, you're sure to love this, it even borders a bit on the electronic side of the alt genre. "Scent/Sweat" features the same alt-pop sound we've come to expect from Pheeyownah, the percussion is prominent in the backing track here and it's great. Next is "StayGood" which has synths throughout that hold the rhythm. Pheeyownah's vocals dance delicately above the synth in a manner that meshes so smoothly.

"Noon2Nine" is perhaps the longest transition track and features Pheeyownah's vocals isolated and distant, it's a nice palate cleanser between songs. "Burning Tongue" again features synth and some great backing vocals that support Pheeyownah throughout the track. We have a pacing bass line throughout that is reminiscent of a heartbeat but slowed. "Burning Tongue" is perhaps Pheeyownah's deepest foray into the electronic sound she has been dancing around in this album. "Forget" is another transition track with brief spoken word by Pheeyownah. Finally, "Gold" has a beat to it that almost evokes comps to Latin music. Pheeyownah's vocals have effects on them and her vocal tracks are layered throughout. While understated, this song is a great closer.

Closing Thoughts - Pheeyownah's sound does a delicate dance infusing elements of alt, pop, electronic, and R&B genres. Vocally, she is outstanding throughout, infusing the melodies with vocals that evoke comps to pop and classic jazz music. Melodically, the album is tight, providing listeners with a solid foundation of alt and electronic stylings that is sure to keep their attention. This album is a strong effort from a dynamic artist with a unique sound. You'll definitely want to check this one out for yourself.

Rating - 4/5


Artist Spotlight

1.How did you come to pursue music and how long have you been at it?

"Growing up i always dreamt about performing in huge arenas and winning awards and practiced giving thank you speeches infront of the mirror pretty much on a daily basis. I belong to the generation that grew up with MTV (back in the day when it was all about music) and watching music videos was one of my favorite things to do. It motivated me even more to pursue my longtime dream to become an artist."

"After investing a lot of time and energy to build a dance career I decided in 2011 to switch lanes and pursue a career in music. I went a 1 year singer/songwriter program and started recording my own songs. The first projects i released were “Strugglin”, “Take it Slow” and the “City” EP which were all produced by a schoolmate called Daniel “Megaman Dee” Markus." 2.Could you walk us through your process of writing music? 

"90% of my songs were previously poems that I later transformed into lyrics and songs. There is no predefined way that I write music. Some processes begin with lyrics, a simple baseline or even a freestyle." 3.What artists have inspired you in your career?

"I’m a true music junkie and have a wide range of taste in music! Björk is one of the few artists that have inspired me on a deeper level. I’d do about anything just to see her experiment in a studio, cooking up new sounds and melodies. Her creativity is like a galaxy I’d love to get lost in. I could literally write a book about how much I admire her." 4.Do you have any favorite music gear (guitars, amps, effects pedals, keyboards, etc.) that you love to use?  If so, what’s the story on them?

"I have a soft spot for keyboards. It’s probably because it’s the first instrument I learned how to play as a kid." 5.Can you describe the vibe at your live shows?  Also, what do you enjoy most about a venue when you do a show?

"My background in dance really brings out the true performer in me. The stage is like home and it’s a place where i feel i can express myself and let loose without any boundaries."

"My wingwoman, Amanda Arin who is one of my best friends often joins me on stage as a backup singer and dancer and we usually throw in a couple of choreographies and just make sure to have fun."

"I like a venue where people can feel comfortable and move around freely without it being too spacious. Other than that i would say good stagelighting is something i have come to appreciate a lot. It really helps me get in the right mood!" 6.What is one thing that you want the public to know about your music?

"That it all lives in me." 7.Do you have any upcoming projects you would like fans to know about?

"Not at this very moment."

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