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#SundayFunday Setlist

Welcome to the #SundayFunday Setlist. Today, we will focus on Alt Revue jams that can make your Sunday count. This will be a mix of easy listening alt, get up and get down alt, and songs for the soul. Happy Easter Sunday, y'all. Let's check some tunes to finish your Sunday off with a bang!

COIN - Talk Too Much

This track gives the mellow feel of a sunny summer day with a beautiful melody you can sing along with. The guitar work is great throughout and continues to build throughout the entire track. The band does not like to solely be seen as an "Indie Pop" act, but this track shows quite the opposite. To be fair, as they also have expressed, this was a result of following their single mission to push their guitar-driven music in a genre that heavily relies on electronic sounds. The song has the fun feel of a summer track, with lyrics of deeper intent.

Night Riots - All For You

Yes, we are featuring Night Riots two weeks in a row. Trust me, there is no shame. This track is a builder that really sucks you in. Enjoy once that progression finally reaches climax throughout the choruses later in the track. The vocals are incredible and truly show the passion in the lyrics.

Third Eye Blind - Water Landing

This track has not yet reached the notoriety of some of the other 3eb staple tracks, but that doesn't mean it's not a good one. The song starts with a subtle guitar melody and Stephen Jenkins' vocals. Once the track opens up, you see it's not a ballad after all. The quick rap-esque part from Jenkins is actually fun to enjoy as the song mellows out a bit. This is a track that's not too aggressive with the right amount of fun.

Matt and Kim - Daylight

Matt (Johnson) and Kim (Schifino) are a fun and interesting duo. In terms of enthusiasm, their tracks take it to 11 almost exclusively. This might be a bit much first thing in the morning or if you're having a rough day due to the repetitive and "always up" feel of the songs (which is why we chose this track instead of "Daylight"), but that could also be the saving grace for some people. We can't help but smile along when they are on.

Bleachers - Rollercoaster

I don't care who you are, you can't ignore this track. The anthem build of the vocals, a common staple from Bleachers, help to engulf listeners in the track's wake. This one is guaranteed to get you up and moving on this Easter Sunday.

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