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Advance Review - Counterfeit Youth

Special thanks to Counterfeit Youth for submitting their new single "Time to Salute"/"There She Goes" for Advance Review coverage! If you're a fan of pop-punk and emo-rock bands of the early 2000's you're going to like what you hear here. The single officially drops on April 16! Check out our reviews of the tracks below!

Advance Review - Counterfeit Youth: "Time to Salute"/"There She Goes"

"Time to Salute" is a nostalgia rush to the great pop-punk acts of the early 2000's. Definitely getting heavy Taking Back Sunday vibes here. Complete with ripping guitars, call and response vocals, and banging drums. I especially loved the guitar breakdown at the end of the track. This piece just evokes memories of days gone by.

"There She Goes" is a bit of slower track with strong vocals leading the way. There's also also a solid melody of guitar, bass, and drum serving as the foundation. Loved the vocalization in the hook, extremely strong there would love to hear this part live. The vocals remain melodic throughout, never evoking screams that were common of the bands Counterfeit Youth are reminding me of, but that's okay. 

Closing Thoughts: Both tracks are strong musically and vocally. You can tell a lot of work went into these tracks and that Counterfeit Youth have a formula and they're following it. These tracks are pure nostalgia for me as a fan of punk music and the early 2000's explosion of punk, pop-punk, and screamo genres. Great stuff here.

Rating: 4/5  

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