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The Friday 5 - 3/29/19

Billie Eilish - "Xanny"

I couldn’t sleep one night and I decided to go on Twitter. I saw the word, “Xanny” trending and I just had to know why this word was trending. Turns out it is a Billie Eilish song and it sounds amazing. Most of the people on Twitter loved the song and I can see why. This song has a changing tempo to it with great effects on Eilish’s voice. The song is beautiful, but also tackling tough topics at the same time.

Eilish has been at the top of the charts and has been on everyone’s artists to watch for months. Even the lead singer of the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl said that her music and style reminds him of Nirvana. That is most likely the best thing anyone could say about an up-and-coming artist. This song is amazing and I am so excited to see her grow and evolve as an artist.

SHAED - "Trampoline"

I have been hearing this song, but I can’t say I heard the whole song until a couple of days ago and I really enjoy it. To me the song has a modern feel to it, while at the same time staying original and unique. With strong vocals and a dream-like feel to the whole song it is hard to not pay attention when it comes on. If you have not taken the time listen to this song, I suggest looking it up, you won’t be disappointed.

The song has an edge to it that talks about death and feeling alive. Songs now a days have such a raw feeling to them and artists are now starting to wear their heart on their sleeves through their music. This song is a perfect example!

Childish Gambino - "Feels Like Summer"   

This song came out a while ago, but it is one of my favorite songs as well as one of my favorite music videos. This song sounds smooth and really catchy. Gambino’s voice sounds amazing and the song has a groove that is fun to dance around to. The song is about change and how some things never change. That can either be for the good or the bad. The song has a happy beat to it while at the same time reminding its audience that change still needs to happen.

The music video is a cartoon and it features not only Gambino, but also Will Smith, Lil Wayne, and Beyoncé. They are not performing but their likeness is featured in the video for different reasons. I love a good cartoon inspired video that tells a story and relates to the music itself. If you have the chance I would look up this video. It may not be summer but this song is great to listen to during any season.

Mitski - "Your Best American Girl" 

Listening to Mitski can make one feel all the emotions that have not thought about in a long time. She is amazing at writing songs that have so much heart and can relate to almost anyone who listens to it. “Your Best American Girl” speaks on the idea of wanting to fit in and be like all the other basic American girls, but knowing that is not possible.

I think any woman can feel that way sometimes, doesn’t matter what their background is. With a chorus that is explosive and full of emotion this song sounds amazing and is worth the listen. I love the sound of her voice on this track as well and personally I can’t wait to go see her in concert over the summer!

AJR - "100 Bad Days" 

I work at a coffee shop currently and I heard this song one day while at work. I could tell that it was AJR because they have a signature style to their music, but that is not a bad thing. This song is good, honest, and such a joy to listen to. I love how their recent songs point out that everyone is not perfect and that we all go through bad days and hard times.

AJR and set to be one of the biggest bands in alternative music in the next couple years. They continue to do well on the music charts and I haven’t heard a bad release from them so far. I love the message of their songs and how their songs remind their audience that hard times may come, but that does not mean that bad thing defines you.    

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