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The Friday 5 - 3/8/19

Absolution Calling—Incubus

I have always enjoyed Incubus. They were essential to my childhood and my discovery of alternative music. Listening to hits like, “Drive,” or, “Black Heart Inertia,” bring me back to being a child having to listen to my older sister’s music because I had no control over the radio stations we listened to. I appreciate this band's ability to write songs that have such a true honest feel to them.

A song like, “Absolution Calling,” sounds like it fits in with the band's catalog of music, but it has a nice bass line and groove to it at the same time. With Incubus, I have always felt like their music just flows out of them and they end up having a spiritual and down to earth feel with their music. This song sounds really chill and is the perfect song to listen to if you are looking for a mellow feel.


I first got my introduction to AWOLNATION when I was in High School with the song, "Sail." That song playing on Alternative radio sounded so different than anything else on the radio. It soon hit pop radio then all the other kids in my high school started listen to the song and it was everywhere. I continued to follow AWOLNATION and found that their music has a cool mesh of rock and techno sounds.

When looking up the song and its meaning which, I couldn’t figure out just listening to it, I discovered that this song is about the pressure of writing the band's second album. The song also addresses the Aaron Bruno's other stresses in life that he constantly battles.


I first heard this song thanks to Spotify. I heard it while at work and I can say I really enjoyed it. This song has the feel of a Twenty One Pilot's song while having a little bit more of a rock edge. I enjoy this artist’s music and the things he has to say. It is refreshing to hear bands that aren’t afraid to take risks with their art and grandson is one of those artists.

When I hear this song, and I may be wrong, I hear someone who is imperfect and doesn’t know where life will take them next, but they are ready for it. It also sounds like someone who is not going to apologize for being the way they are and doesn’t care about what others think. My favorite part about grandson’s music is that each song has a great message.

Bad Company—Yonaka

This band reminds me of Florence + The Machine, but with a hard rock feel to it. I enjoy the singer's voice and I think this song has an amazing groove to it. This band is from the UK and their music is coming to the United States to take over. They sound amazing and their music has a rebel edge to it.

To me, this song talks about being around people or having people in your life who aren’t healthy for your soul. The person in the song seems like they are asking for help and wanting to get away from these people. I might have the meaning all wrong, but either way, the song is amazing and worth the listen. Check out this band in 2019. They are sure not to disappoint.

Women—Karen O, Danger Mouse

We all know Karen O from the very successful alternative band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Danger Mouse, who is a well-known producer. They have now teamed up to create music together and it sounds amazing so far. “Women,” I believe is their latest single and the song reminds me of other anthems for women who have ever felt like they have been put down by other people. Karen O’s punk rock feel is all over this track and I feel like that is what makes it so good.

According to Pitchfork, O wrote the song about her inner child. She is telling that inner child that she is a woman now and she can protect herself. All the bullies and horrible people can’t mess with her now and I say that is super inspiring, especially during a month like this. I hope you enjoy this song!

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