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Artist Spotlight - Molly Burch

(Photo: Helene Tchen Cardenas)

We had the opportunity to interview rising folk star Molly Burch! Her sound and vocal style are unique and instantly hook listeners. Her second album First Flower debuted in October and is definitely one you don't want to miss. But before you check it out, see what she had to say in our Artist Spotlight Interview!

1. How did you come to pursue music and how long have you been at it?

"I’ve always loved to sing and ended up going to college for vocal performance. When I moved to Austin, TX after college, I decided to really pursue music. I started to write my own songs, form a band, record and luckily I signed to my label, Captured Tracks. That was about four years ago."

2. Could you walk us through your process of writing music?

"I’m a very anxious writer. I tend to procrastinate a lot. Like today -- I should write but I’m going to watch “The Bachelor”. But once I get myself to do it, and I write a song I like, I remember how much I love writing. I need to be alone in my house in order to write. I come up with chords first and then lyrics."

3. What artists have inspired you in your career?

"I’ve always been inspired by female vocalists. I grew up listening to Judy Garland, Patsy Cline, and Lauryn Hill. I was drawn to deep voices because I wanted to sound like that. Strong women like the ones I mentioned inspired me to get over my many fears of pursuing music."

4. Do you have any favorite music gear (guitars, amps, effects pedals, keyboards, etc.) that you love to use? If so, what’s the story on them?

"No! Haha."

5. Can you describe the vibe at your live shows? Also, what do you enjoy most about a venue when you do a show?

"I would say my live show is fun and romantic! Lately I’ve been hiring a rhythm guitarist so I don’t play guitar anymore. That really frees me up to be more present while performing."

6. What is one thing that you want the public to know about your music?

"Check out my sophomore album First Flower if you haven’t! It came out this past October."

7. Do you have any upcoming projects you would like fans to know about?

"Yes but I can’t share it now! I’m excited to share it soon, :) Keep y’all posted."

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