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The Indie Update - 2/13/19

Rock - The Mowgli's 

The original members of The Mowgli’s (Matthew Di Panni, Dave Applebaum, Spencer Trent, and Andy Warren) have been friends since their high school days. After recruiting several new members, the band released their first singles on for free download. The singles were: “San Francisco”, “The Great Divide”, "Time", "I've Been Around" & "Waiting for The Dawn". These singles appeared on their first, self-released studio album, Sound the Drum (2012). Their first EP, Love’s Not Dead was released a few months later that same year. To date, The Mowgli’s have released 3 additional studio albums (Waiting for the Dawn, Kids in Love, and Where’d Your Weekend Go?) and another EP (I Was Starting to Wonder). I Was Starting to Wonder featured their latest singles “Real Good Life” and “Kansas City”. The Mowgli’s are preparing to release their next EP, American Feelings in March 2019. They have already released the single “Mr. Telephone” from the new EP.  Folk

Folk - Bon Iver

Justin Vernon formed the band Bon Iver in 2006. Bon Iver consists of members: Justin Vernon, Sean Carey, Matthew McCaughan, Michael Lewis, and Andrew Fitzpatrick. They have released 3 studio albums: For Emma, Forever Ago (2007), Bon Iver, Bon Iver (2011), and 22, A Million (2016), and been nominated for 9 awards. Of the 9 nominations, they won 2 Grammy Awards in 2012 for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Music Album. Bon Iver is preparing for their tour beginning in March 2019, but there is no mention of a new album this year.

Pop - Cigarettes After Sex 

Cigarettes After Sex was formed in 2008 by Greg Gonzalez. Their music style is considered Dream Pop, or Slowcore.  The band has lost and gained members throughout their time together. The three current members consist of Greg Gonzalez (lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass), Jacob Tomsky (drums), and Randall Miller (bass). CAS released their first EP, I. in 2012. They released 3 singles before their first studio album, Cigarettes After Sex, in 2017. The singles on the new album were “Apocalypse”, “Each Time You Fall In Love”, and “Sweet”. CAS recently released 3 more singles in 2018: “Crush”, “Sesame Syrup”, and “Neon Moon”. There is talk of a new album in 2019, however no details have been released at this time.

R&B - Chet Faker

Nick Murphy, better known by his stage name as Chet Faker, released his first EP, Thinking in Textures, in March 2012. The EP featured his single, “Diggity”, which was a collab with Andre Young, Chauncey Hannibal, Teddy Riley, William Stewart, Lynise Walters, Richard Vick, Bill Withers. The following year, Faker released his next EP, Lockjaw. The only single featured on this EP was “Drop the Game”. In 2014, Faker released his debut studio album, Built on Glass. His new album featured 3 singles: “Talk is Cheap”, “Gold”, and “1998”. He also worked with Kilo Kish on the song “Melt”. The album topped charts in Australia, the US, and New Zealand. Faker released 1 more EP, Work (2015), under his stage name. In May 2017, he released Missing Link, his newest EP, under his own name. He has released 4 singles, “(Lover) You Don’t Treat Me No Good”, “Medication”, “Stop Me (Stop You), and “Fear Less”, as Nick Murphy and plans to use his name for all future music.

Electronic - Hot Chip

Hailing from England, Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard formed the duo Hot Chip. Since their formation in 2000, Hot Chip has grown from a duo to a full, seven-member band. They have released 6 studio albums: Coming on Strong (2004), The Warning (2006), Made in the Dark (2008), One Life Stand (2010), In Our Heads (2012), and Why Make Sense? (2015) and have been nominated for 12 awards, including a Grammy and the Mercury Prize. Alexis Taylor  and Joe Goddard have both taken time away from Hot Chip to focus on their solo careers, however Hot Chip is teasing new music on their social media accounts and have been collaborating with English rapper Kano for his new album.

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