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Confessional with Bad Saint

It's Monday and that means it's time for Confessional with Bad Saint! Every week Bad Saint will be taking your musical questions, confessions, and/or settling your debates. We have a great batch of questions this week from the public. If you would like to submit a question for Bad Saint, send an email to With that, let's get to your questions!


Hi Bad Saint, Any chance there will ever be a Bad Saint live album? -Kris from Salt Lake City Bad Saint: High chance. Keep an eye out for lots of live videos and unique acoustic performance videos in the next year. *WINK*.


Bad Saint, What's your fondest stage memory? -David from White Plains Bad Saint: Last week at the Central Saloon, surprisingly. At the central they have these massive creepy statues, and I was bantering on stage about how they terrified me because they look like they could move. I started to play the next song and had to stop when the statues started dancing. Turns out they’re animatronic and TJ the sound guy was messing with me. It worked.


What's good Bad Saint? What's the best thing you've ever seen from a crowd at a live show? -Emma from Newport Bad Saint: GIANT PYTHONS, at a show with my other band Skates! We were playing at Seattle Center and it got weird.


Hey Bad Saint, Do you have any advice for a singer looking to find their true voice and not imitate their faves? -Tristan from Athens Bad Saint: Try singing with your “talking” voice, and listen to the way you sing when you’re singing to your cat or kid. That’s the beginning of finding your natural voice.


Hi Bad Saint, Trying to come up with a concept album but it's all garbage. Got any advice? -Alissa from Burbank Bad Saint: Go to the library and read a few new books! I love basing conceptual stuff around things I’ve read online or in books.

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