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Advance Review - Lost Cousins: In Scenery

We had the opportunity to get advance access to Toronto indie-rock group Lost Cousins new LP In Scenery, which drops tomorrow, February 1, 2019! Check out our track-by-track review below and closing thoughts! Also check out their video for "Montreal" below as well!

Lost Cousins - In Scenery

1. Stay - The album starts with a bright indie style track that features some dynamic vocals that work with an intricate melody. The song seems to be expressing themes of loss with the repeated line of "Oh I wanted to stay, but I knew it was over".

2. Mindmaker - This track slows the pace a bit, but it's so deliberate, it's fantastic. We absolutely loved the guitar that just sung throughout this track. Great use of vocal harmonization throughout the track as well. The combination of music and vocals on the hook was absolutely dynamite. The track also shifted paces evenly and well between verse and chorus.

3. City Escape - Effects driven vocals drive this song initially, along with drums, and a great effects laced guitar. There is also a fantastic breakdown section in the song that builds momentum so well. The payoff for this is great and closes out the track.

4. Seajets - We go a bit more psychedelic in sound here, with indie flavor of course. One constant that is great in this track throughout is the bass line, as it pins down the melody and helps ground the listener through everything else the track throws at them. It's a really well done piece of more abstract indie music.

5. Trails - The track begins with soft piano and beautiful vocals. When the hook hits it is again deliberate and fantastic. I keep using this term because there are no wasted notes, everything is in it's right place. This is tight music. The song builds as it goes and introduces more effects driven guitars which only build on the melody.

6. Montreal - A slow burner, this track really gets going about 1:20 in with some great jamming on the guitar and vocals. The pauses for electronic melodies and drum beats were appreciated here as they were a change of pace from the more drive heavy guitar. There was also some pretty sophisticated synth work going on in the background in pieces of this track that you could miss if you're not careful.

7. Forest Floor - Change of pace instrumental that leads into "Shores".

8. Shores - Absolutely loved the guitar and piano combination in this song. This song took a harder turn to alt than the traditional indie that the other tracks had been staying in and I was cool with the shakeup of the sound. It features a fantastic breakdown that feels like you're underwater and then emerging, something totally unique musically.

9. Nothing - Traditional sounding piano to begin the song, but this quickly passes into a more traditional alt melody. The piano persists throughout the song, but the phased guitars and synth move as well. It comes together quite nicely, there's a lot going on in this track and it could be easy for it to get muddy, but it never does. This is due to the talent of the band playing.

Closing Thoughts - Lost Cousins dance a delicate dance between more traditional indie and the alt genre and they do it well. Their use of guitar tends to be more indie influenced, while their use of electronic and synth rhythm leans alt. The end result is a strong effort from a young band that is sure to continue to grow.

Rating - 4/5

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