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The Friday Five - 12/14/18

Geri Lemmons, Contributor 

“Love it if We made It”-The 1975

I feel the same way about The 1975 as I do about Arctic Monkeys. They are bands that act and look cool and you feel cooler for just listening to them. The 1975 recently released their album “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationship” in 2018. The album is sounds really good and is a great additive to the bands catalog.

“Love it if We made it” is defiantly a political song. At least that is what it sounds like to me. It is a song that is looking a society’s issues and how it affects us all. There are references to political issues, as well as pop culture references. With lines like, “Fuck your feelings! Truth is only hear say!” and “I moved on her like a bitch!” These are lines from the song and they are referencing the times we are in right now. I love myself a song that has a political call out feel to it! 

“Northern Lights”-Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie puts out songs that are perfect to dive into lyrically and musically. They talk about everyday things but make it sound grader and more thought out. I can listen to their music and feel in my soul what they are talking about. I can relate to what they have to say and what a song is talking about.

That all being said that is how I feel about the song, “Northern Lights.” Listening to this song I feel like it might be about going back to a hometown or talking about an old relationship. It feels the person in the song is reminiscing about old times and going back to another place in their mind. A time when the person was younger and looking into the future. Who cannot relate to doing this whenever they visit home.

“Dreams (Colors Mix)”-Beck

This song has been playing the airways for months now, but I just started listening to it again after Beck was nominated for a Grammy for his “Colors” album. I love this song and can listen to it over and over. Now the academy is awarding Beck for this great work of art he created. Beck’s whole “Colors” album is a really great listen in my opinion.

I personally think that “Dreams” is such a different song from sound from Becks previous stuff. Beck is one of those artist that you can’t really put into a box and with “Dreams” I really think his growth as an artist really shows. Check out this Grammy nominated album as soon as you can. Beck has never slowed down with making great music.

“Square Hammer”-Ghost

Ghost is a band that I have been hearing a lot about lately. They are a band that is known for their creativity visually and their growing popularity. The genre they play is actually called “Doom Metal,” but it is not what you think. Their music talks about a dark world and challenges the traditions of normal religions. That is what makes them “Doom Metal.” They are not too extreme in their sound, but they do talk about darker topics.

I really enjoy they song. If you ever look up a picture of the band, this song I feel like embodies what they are all about. This song is about questioning religion and being solid in who you are as a person. At least that is what I got from the song. Don’t be turned off by the name of their genre, they are worth the listen and I feel like they have a bright future in the industry. 

“Home”-morgxn featuring Walk the Moon

This song brings me back to the summer of 2017 actually. I was a summer camp counselor and for our introduction video they chose this song. Unfortunately, they had to cancel camp last minute because of Hurricane Harvey so…..this song reminds me of that whole ordeal actually. But, that does not mean that the song is not good and super catchy. This song is fun to dance to and is the perfect song to listen to when you are on your drive home for Christmas.

This song talks about going home and how that place feels like comfort and there is nothing like it. It is a fun song and will have you dancing in the car while you are waiting in traffic. Walk the Moon and morgxn did a very good job on this song and actually fun fact it is doing really well on the Billboard to Alternative songs by the way.   

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