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SoundHound Trophy Finds: Overview

Welcome to For Your Consideration, I am Nicholas La Torre and I am here to present relevant issues in music that are on my mind. I will present multiple sides of the issue for you to consider and ultimately we will try to gauge your thoughts on the issue. In today's talk, we are going to discuss what it takes to create your very own band! While the goal is to be somewhat helpful, I am certain there will be an obvious level of snark and sarcasm involved.

Spoiler Alert: There may be discussions of scenes in shows you might not have gotten to yet. If I mention a spoiler at the beginning of that paragraph, just avoid that paragraph and move on. I will tell you when the coast is clear. Thanks!!

After recently re-downloading the app, SoundHound, I wanted to share a wonderful hobby of mine and how that has helped me further explore music in the alternative scene. See, a friend once introduced me to the simplicity of the app and how despite having less surrounding hype than a competing app, SoundHound is actually superior in doing the thing the app is supposed to do most, which is find songs. I don't want to compete with any other segments we do on Alt Revue so I will simply share how I got the music and some of my happiest finds. This one was not a new song to me during this scene, but I did discover it long ago while using the app.

Nada Surf - Inside of Love

This song really helped the scene along in How I Met Your Mother. While listening to it in the background, I felt more meaning toward the song than I had before. I could put faces and people to the feelings I have while listening to one of my all time favorite tracks. The issues between Robin and Ted are always complicated and the song's complexities helps push along the "should they, shouldn't they" dilemma that is so prevalent. With such a brilliant song, you can't help but think things may work out.

The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home

Spoiler alert: This contains information that might give away elements from the show This Is Us. If you have not gotten through it yet, please skip this song/video. Thank you!

Wow. I tell you what. Do not stay at home sick with a pernicious cold and flu-like symptoms and expect relief watching This Is Us, during "The Fire Episode." This thing made me feel worse. I feel as though I have grown close to the family on this show so to see the entire future for the family changed during one episode, it was tough. What made it even more dramatic was the almost Classical approach to the hauntingly beautiful track in the background, "To Build a Home,"which is a bit of a misnomer in this situation. The song has light but progressive vocals with a piano backing almost never seems to build as high as you want it, so you wait in anticipation for the full sound. I SoundHounded this song during the scene and have been listening to it ever since. It's a great track and makes me want to explore more from The Cinematic Orchestra.

Release Me - Inara George

All clear: No spoilers beyond this point.

I'm not sure where I heard this track, but I know I used SoundHound to identify it. I love the slow, progressive melody, with a moody jazz-like element to it. The chorus showcases the vocalist begging for release from the hold of another. In latter parts, the singer basically goes on to talk about her relationship with the antagonist of the song. Please, please, please.....listen to this song.

42 - Mumford & Sons

Now, it's interesting that this song came up through a SoundHound search. I wish I could remember what I was doing when I heard it and decided to find the track. This one actually happens to come from Mumford & Son's newest album, Delta, which has been reviewed on this site. The song is slow to build, with an underlying piano and repetitive thumping sound made by multiple instruments. Marcus Mumford is singing questions to an unknown person or higher power as the sound begins to fill behind him. Mumford asks, "But what if I need you in my darkest hour? And what if it turns out there is no other?" This is a complicated struggle, either internal or external. The song seems to wrap up around the theme of a guiding light, which is the name of another single from the Delta album.

(Honarable Mention) - The Funeral - Band of Horses

I didn't want to feature another song from the same show (How I Met Your Mother), but I thought it was important to mention because of how much this song makes the scene. I had heard this song before, but used SoundHound during the scene to see if it was for sure what I thought it was (I guess I was questioning myself for some reason). The song made such a huge impact on the scene and was a pivotal point in the overall aspect of the show. For show fanatics, it's a look into the long lost search of the show, which is included even in the show title. You get to see the mother and how she might come into the picture.

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