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The Friday Five - 11/30/18

"Guiding Light"-Mumford and Sons

I heard this song maybe two days ago and I can really say that it has been my song of the week. Mumford and Sons can’t do anything wrong in my book. While I feel like many bands have bit off of their style and there are now other bands that sound like them. Mumford and Sons does the whole mainstream folk music thing well and with this song they really do this genre justice.

“Guilding Light” appears on the bands fourth studio album. According to the band the song is about enduring romance and the music video echoes that of the song. “Guilding Light” is a great song to listen to and I think it is one of Mumford and Sons best work. If you are looking for new music to listen to by a great band that has been around for a while, I say check out this song and you won’t be disappointed.

"You should see me in a crown"- Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has been on the rise for a while now. At first I had no clue who this young girl was, but after listening to this song I am glad I got to hear her music. It seems like every cool young influencer loves her and loves her music and it is easy to see why. If you haven’t heard of Billie Eilish before you will know her after this song. She is an artist that is filled with creativity and innovation with what she is doing.

“You Should See Me In A Crown” is a single this is coming off of Eilish’s future debut album coming up in 2019. This song was actually inspired by an episode of BBC’s Sherlock. This song fuses some elements of rock, electronic music, and a lot of alternative influence. If you love artists like Bishop Briggs or Lorde I say check her out. She is a big deal right now and I only see her doing even bigger things in her future.

"Can’t knock The Hustle"-Weezer

I guess I have been really loving Weezer lately. I have been a fan of theirs really since I was a kid and I can say as a 22 year old adult I still love their music. The band seems to really be experimenting with the music they are creating and I think it is a good thing. At first I didn’t recognize that this was a Weezer song, but I really like the direction of this song.

To me the song kind of reminds me of The Killers “The Man.” It has a groove masculine feel to the song if that makes since. I like both of these songs and really like that these two bands have been trying new things with their sound. This song is fun and is easy to dance to if you want to. I am really paying attention to what Weezer has been putting out lately and I like what I am seeing.

"Get up"-Shinedown

Shinedown is a band that I have been following for a very long time. I have really loved their music for years and I respect how their music has a sort of uplifting feel to it sometimes. I love the sound of this bands latest album. They sound better than ever and every single I have heard from this album so far I have enjoyed. “Get Up” is the perfect song to listen to when you are having a bad morning and just want to find some engorgement to get through the rest of the day.

Shinedown’s music can either be heavy or they can have a very contemporary rock sound to some of their music. This is not one of their heavier songs but it happens to be one of my favorites. If you have the chance I say check out some of their latest singles if you need to be a little uplifted. They seem to be going in a very encouraging direction with this album.

"Vacation"-The Dirty Heads

I first heard about The Dirty Heads when they released the song, “Check the level” back in 2012. I knew from then that they had something different going on with their music and their alternative sound what keeps them cool and interesting. Now in 2018 I am still listening to them and with the song “Vacation” they keep their laid back feel while also blending hip hop and reggae. It is a blend that really works well.

This song is reminiscent of the feeling we all get sometimes a feeling that we want time off from out busy schedules and time commitments. This feels like the perfect summer song but I can still relate to it during the winter. If you are looking for a perfect song to sing along with and get you through a hard work week, I suggest listening to this song because it will take you to another place in your mind.

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