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The Indie Update 11/28/18


Glass Animals was founded in 2010 by members David Bayley, Andrew MacFarlane, Edmund Irwin-Singer, and Joseph Seaward. They released their first EP, Leaflings, in 2012, and then a self-titled EP in 2013. Glass Animals gained popularity quickly and was able to release a studio album, ZABA, in 2014. This album included their five singles: “Cocoa Hooves”, “Black Mambo”, “Pools”, “Gooey”, and “Hazey”. They made a few televised performances of “Gooey” in 2014 and 2015 and were on an international tour for most of 2015. In 2016, Glass Animals released their 2nd studio album, How to Be a Human Being. This album included the singles: “Life Itself”, “Youth”, and “Pork Soda”. Unfortunately, the band had to cancel the remainder of their 2018 tour due to Joe Seaward being seriously injured in a car accident while riding his bike. He is on the road to recovery but will not be performing for a while.



Greg Laswell, originally lead singer of the band Shillglen, started producing his own music in 2003. In the last 15 years, he has released 7 studio albums, 3 EPs, and 10 singles. His latest album, Everyone Thinks I Dodged a Bullet, was released in March 2016. The most popular songs on this album were: “And So I Tried to Sleep”, “Birthday Wish”, and “Not Surprised”. Laswell didn’t release any new music until his newest song, “What Do I Know?” in February 2018. His music has been nominated for several awards, and he won Best Local Recording in 2014 for Good Movie, and Song of the Year in 2007 for “Sing, Theresa Says”.



In 2010, Ryan Daly, Anthony Improgo, Michelle Ashley, and Randy Schulte reunited to form Parade of Lights. They spent the following year opening for bands such as Fitz And The Tantrums, Imagine Dragons, and 30 Seconds to Mars. In September 2012, they produced Born to Live, Born to Love, their first EP. They released their first studio album in 2015. The album, Feeling Electric, features their singles “We’re the Kids”, “Golden”, and “Feeling Electric”. Parade of Lights just released 2 more EPs this year: Human Condition – Pt. 1 and Human Condition – Pt. 2. These EPs feature their newest singles “Tidal Waves”, Let’s Be Friends”, and “I Want It All”.



Jon Bellion has been composing and producing his own music since 2011. In 2012, he began writing and producing for artists such as Eminem and Jason Derulo, and by 2016 he was working with Zedd and Twenty One Pilots. In addition to his 4 mixtapes, he has released 2 studio albums, The Human Condition (2016) and Glory Sound Prep (2018). The Human Condition featured the 3 promotional singles, “Guillotine”, “80’s Films”, and “Maybe IDK”, in addition to the top charting singles “All Time Low” and “Overwhelming”. Glory Sound Prep featured his newest singles: “Conversations with My Wife”, “JT”, and “Stupid Deep”.



Hailing from England, Imogen Heap released her first album, iMegaphone in June 1998. This album featured her first big singles: “Getting Scared”, “Shine”, Come Here Boy”, and “Oh Me, Oh My”. Shortly after iMegaphone was released, Heap formed her own project, Frou Frou, with Guy Sigsworth. Details (2002) was their only album, and featured the singles: “Breathe In”, “It’s Good To Be In Love”, and “Must Be Dreaming”. Heap has released 3 additional studio albums since Frou Frou ended. She has also made approximately 2 dozen guest appearances and won several awards for her music.

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